Is it so true we are separated from what surrounds us?
The look that captures the unit is alive, when the motion of the mind is silent. The path is called Ashtanga Yoga, understand oneself and the others.
Let’s start from the body, our shealt throughout the asanas, you arrive to the last step  of the path. Ashtanga Yoga: the meditative state of mind. Ashtanga Yoga as possibility of living for a true understanding of one’s being.
The essence of this form of Yoga is in it’s name itself; Ashtanga, in fact, means eight branches that indicate the yogic path.

The first branche’s name is Yama. Counts to reach sincerity towards oneself and the others, a non-violence state of mind and absence of avidity.

The second branch, Nyama, opens the look towards oneself, developing a straight conduct in the spiritual journey.

The body’s workout with its posture it’s called Asana, the third level of Ashtanga Yoga.

The fourth, Pranayama, pratices the breathing control with all its benefits for the body and the mind.

Pratyara, the fifth branch, takes one’s attention to one’s compulsion, the opening and listening of our inner wishes and the containment of these same ones.

The sixth branch, Dharana, is the capacity of conduct and focus the concentration to one only point.

Ghyana, the seventh branch, is the entering of meditative state, in which the mind is quiet and blissfull.

The eighth branch, Samadhi, the last level, is realized  the contemplation and being illuminated touches oneself inside nature.